Bet Rite formalized their partnership with Transact Technologies in 2014 to be their exclusive Gaming sales and service representative and distributor in Canada. Bet Rite currently provides the Epic 950 as the accepted default ticket printer for all casino games for BCLC in British Columbia.

About Transact

TransAct designs gaming and lottery printers expressly for the specific needs of casino and non-casino gaming establishments around the world. Whether its Ticket-In / Ticket-Out (TITO) for casino slot machines, Amusements with Prizes (AWP), Skills with Prizes (SWP), Video Lottery Terminals (VLT), Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) or Pachinko machines, TransAct’s printing solutions are a sure bet.


Currently installed in over a half a million slots throughout hundreds of casinos worldwide, the Epic 950 thermal printer is known for its proven reliability. This industry award-winner is casino-tested, and casino-preferred for ticket-in/ticket-out casino printing.

The Epic 950® is also famous for its ingenious TicketBurst™ jam-free feature – it prints the ticket first, then bursts and presents it to the slot player. Less time wasted, less paper wasted, less money wasted.

Easily upgraded with the ServerPort™ device and Epicentral software system, the Epic 950® prints targeted, personalized comps and coupons right from the slot machine – in real-time. It simultaneously connects to the game AND to your casino management system to maximize your ability to communicate with and reward your players – while they are playing.


Epicentral delivers personalized, targeted coupons to players in real-time while they are playing right at the slot machine. Epicentral is a software solution that connects and communicates with players by printing targeted promotions to any carded or uncarded player at any game.

  • Deliver personalized promotional coupons to any player at any game with the Epicentral® Print System and the Epic 950® printer
  • Develop floor-wide, bank or area specific or individual game promotions
  • Direct marketing to specific players
  • Test in Stealth Mode
  • Send offers or messages to carded or un-carded players
  • Mobile tools for hosts and players

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