This Body Temperature Kiosk allows for a non-contact check of a persons body temperature. The guest stands in front of the kiosk as it automatically detects their temperature and indicates the result instantly.

About Body Temperature Kiosks

We think it may be helpful to check employees (and maybe even customers) as they enter the casino to be able to detect in a simple and non-evasive way whether there are any safety concerns about them entering or not.

  • Software in English
  • 8″ tablet style display
  • Reads and displays temperature instantly
  • Confirmation of pass/fail on the 8″ display, with audio, and LED indicator on the stand
  • Configurable temperature thresholds
  • Accurate to within +/- 0.2°
  • Optional face mask check
  • Commercial grade hardware
  • Ability to integrate with controlled access

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