Bet Rite has been providing Gary Platt high performance chairs to casinos, community gaming centres, and VLT retailers across Canada since 2012.

About Gary Platt Seating

Gary Platt has more than 40 years of history on innovation in casino seating. As the only manufacture that focuses solely on casino gaming chairs, Gary Platt chairs incorporate superior performance design features with ergonomic design, longevity, and level of comfort resulting in more time on device.

  • Steel pedestal base – Gary Platt’s is aluminum. Their back plate ( J Bar ) is steel. This leads to greater comfort and longer durability and longevity of the chair.
  • Aluminum Back plate – Gary Platt’s steel J bar is guaranteed not to bend for 10 years and will exceed that time frame. Other manufacturers use a lower grade aluminum with no guarantee.
  • Footrest – Gary Platt’s is fully welded. Other manufacturers are bolted on. Again, leads to longer durability and longevity of the chair when high quality hardware and techniques are not used.
  • Foam – the injected molded foam used is proprietary to Gary Platt. Gary Platt has perfected the correct depth and density of the seat cushion to provide the correct amount of support while making it soft enough for the most amount of comfort.
  • Stitching – Gary Platt uses a true baseball stitch. This is a single needle stitch on the inside of the seam and then a double needle stitch backed by a nylon tape on the outside of the seam. This allows the seam to lay perfectly flat. Most competitors use a single stitch which creates a slight bead or raised area which becomes a pressure point and is uncomfortable.

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