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About TITA

CountR’s TITA is a ticket issue & redemption system which enable ticket handling at live table games. With TITA at tables you can:

  • Validate TITO tickets and display their amounts
  • Accept tickets at a table game and also allow them to be partially exchanged to chips
  • Check whether or not tickets are valid Issue and print tickets in exchange for chips
  • Print TITO tickets through table option available
  • Accept cash at a table game to be exchanged for chips
  • Accept vouchers at a table game to be exchanged for chips

You optimize the procedure for the players:

  • Players can move from table games to slots and vice versa without cashing tickets or chips
  • Players can easily cash their table game winnings at the nearest ticket redemption machine
  • Players can change cash to chips directly at the table game
  • Players can optionally use promotional vouchers at  the table game
  • Players no longer have to redeem their chips at the cashier’s cage
  • TITA accounts for tickets, cash and vouchers

With the help of TITA you can eliminate:

  • Chip handling at the cage
  • Players carrying chips to the cashier’s cage
  • Long lines in front of the cage at peak times
  • Taking chips from the cage back to the tables

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