Custom Casino Signage

Bet Rite works with the experienced team at KGM Gaming to create one of a kind custom casino displays for our customers.  We work with their top artists and production facilities to deploy directional signs, custom mystery signs, end banks and any other sign needs.

We create custom designs that add excitement to you casino floor and attract more customers to the slot bank.

Example Display Solutions
  • Custom LCD/Plasma monitors that best fit your needs
  • Traditional 16:9 HD Wide Screens ranging from 27″ to 72″
  • New Tovis 42.5 Stretch LCD which will replace your discontinued 250 Supreme and Elite progressive meters in overhead slot signage
  • Coolsign Digital Media equipment Sales and Service
  • Proven digital media equipment capable of either a stand alone setup (single PC located near LCD/Plasma) or a network setup capable of displaying media throughout your property or multiple properties from a single location